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Dean’s message

Assuming the position as the dean of College of Science, Dean Chen Shuhui points out that the College of Science at NCKU is facing new growth key point. The first priority is to shape new vision for development, boost international academic exchange, expand industry-university cooperation and cross-disciplinary energy research, active student’s learning motivation and confidence, and improve space and hardware resources, etc.
The actual practice includes strengthening the reputation of the College of Science, encouraging senior teachers to cultivate the secondary teaching talents, establishing prestige at home and abroad in relevant fields, and reinforcing the recent advantages of each department to strive for various constructions.  In order to stabilize the development of the research field, we establish regular exchanges, discussions or presentations in the college, encourage colleagues to publish recent research conclusions, enhance interest in cross-disciplinary energy research, set up cross-disciplinary programs, and strive for research funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology and other government departments, especially in middle and long range integration projects.
In the near future, the College of Science will set up a science education center that emphasizes the field of scientific experiments, promote basal course reform, open new courses and programs, transform the education of general biology, general chemistry, and calculus, optimize teaching efficiency, and expand students’ vision. Also, we use the science education center to establish an interactive platform with the primary and secondary schools and communities in the south to implement social responsibilities.
We will keep working with the Southeast Asian universities with the existing admission process, and establish substantive cooperative relationship. In addition, we will promote the industry doctoral program and seek for more industrial participants to work in the development of cultivating high-level talents suitable for the needs of the industry. We will also establish the Alumni Association of the department to condense the centripetal force of the alumnus and create opportunities for sustainable operation of the department.