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MOU signing between College of Science, NCKU and Hue University of Science, Vietnam (March, 2016)

1. Achievements

The established policy of the NCKU College of Science is to promote international academic exchanges and cooperation, attract excellent foreign students to study in NCKU, and expand international force. First of all, there are close geographical ties between Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Therefore, we have been actively engaged in enrollment and academic exchanges in Vietnam in recent years and has achieved some success. Moreover, the College of Science and Vietnam Huế University of Science have had exchanges and international recruitment interactions for many years, and have established a solid foundation of mutual trust. Recently, we are honored to invite the Principal of the school and the heads of relevant international academic institutions to sign a MOU(memorandum of understanding)with NCKU. We hoped that the substantial international cooperation between Taiwan and Southeast Asian academics will be reinforced through exchange agreement signing activity. In the future, we will keep inviting the outstanding international graduate students from Vietnam to join the research team and achieve the maximum synergy of research and discussion on internationalization and diversification.

2. Honorable guests

Ttile Name Administrative Position
Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Hien Rector
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Hop Consultant for International Affair
DR. Nguyen Truong Tho Head of Office for Science-Technology& International Affair
DR. Ngo Khoa Quang Head of Office for Science-Technology& International Affair


3. Future prospects

The signing event is crowned with success. In addition to focus on overseas student recruitment, we will continue preparing for the expansion of academic and cultural exchanges with more international institutes. We are planning to sign the dual degrees system agreement with Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), and MOU ( memorandum of understanding)with Vietnam Huế University of Science to achieve the goal of promoting multi-disciplinary international academic cooperation. Also,we will keep urging ourselves to become a first-class research-oriented college, and continue searching for appropriate academic cooperation partners to attract more talents in Southeast Asia to study in NCKU. In the future, College of Science will fully cooperate with the key development strategies of NCKU and unremittingly hold cross-border academic exchanges and cooperation to increase our multinational research and development capabilities, international force and visibility.


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