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Graphene Research Team

The School of Science and Engineering, and the Micro-Nano Center form a graphene cross-domain research team, and actively communicate with the largest graphene research and development company in the United States (Angstron Materials Inc., AMI), and hope to combine the strengths of both sides to jointly develop nano composite materials. As well as other advanced technology materials and products.

Chengdu University of Technology Graphene Team:

  • Department of Physics, Huang Rongjun, Distinguished Professor, Lin Mingfa, Distinguished Professor
  • Department of Chemistry, Ye Chensheng, Professor, Chen Shuhui Distinguished Professor and Dean of the School of Science, Chen Qiaozhen Assistant Professor, Zhou Hejun Assistant Professor
  • Department of Materials Ding Zhiming Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Engineering, Associate Professor Qi Zhizheng
  • Professor Chen Donghuang, Department of Chemical Engineering, 
  • Micro-Nei Center Chen Yingan Distinguished Professor, Dr. Xie Bozong, Jiang Yihua Project Manager