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Research Development

The research projects of the college are mainly based on the research appropriation from the Department of Natural Science and the Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In recent years, we have gradually increased and expanded the cooperation with industry and implemented related education and cooperation programs. The cooperative projects with Ministry of Economic Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Central Geological Survey, Industrial Technology Research Institute, CPC Corporation, China Steel Corporation, and Innolux Corporation have also grown significantly. Moreover, we actively promotes research projects inside and outside the school. Ever Since the establishment of the Southern Science Park, the cooperation between the college and the industry has taken a big  stride forward, especially for the cooperative research on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and optoelectronics, which has grown significantly.
On the other hand, there are exciting news for all the teachers, students and colleagues of the school.  (1) In 2015, the team led by Associate Professor Chen Tse-Ming of the Department of Physics successfully developed the next generation transistor, called "spin field- Effect transistor”,  which can solve the bottleneck encountered in the current transistor development. The research is bound to become a new breakthrough in the next round of information revolution, bringing a new vision for future life science and technology. The research paper was published in the January 2015 top journal - Nature Nanotechnology. Not only did the research get a special report on the special issue of the journal, but it was specially selected as the highlight of the month in the journal cover. (2) In March 2018, the research focus of (Nature journal) Nature report on the study of atmospheric disturbances caused by the SpaceX rocket launching satellites led by Professor Lin Charles from the Department of Geosciences.
Current research highlight in College of Science:
1. Applied Mathematics and Computational Physics
2. Quantum science
3. Nanotechnology
4. Shengji Optoelectronics
5. Energy and environment
6. Space Weather and Space Technology
7. Gravity and cosmology