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Earth Dynamic System Research Center



Earth Dynamic System Research Center: http://www.edsrc.ncku.edu.tw/
Taiwan is located in the junction of the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate, therefore, the orogenic movement is very active. It is the best natural laboratory for studying “erosion”. In terms of climate, Taiwan happens to be in the sensitive Intertropical Convergence Zone, so the study of typhoons, floods and sandstorms has its strong geographical advantages of research. Taiwan has the South China Sea in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east. Thus, it has extremely rich marine resources and well conditions for studying the changes of the sea.
The "Geodynamic System" is an integrated science that focuses on the study of the interactions, evolution processes, material exchanges, and physico-chemical mechanisms of changes in the terrane-hydrosphere-biosphere-atmosphere. Environmental changes caused by terrane and water and gas activities, interactions between the earth's crust and mantle materials, and the breeding, regeneration and sustainable management of mineral resources all affect the well-being of modern human life.
Earth Dynamic System Research Center (EDSRC) is one of the top research centers in National Cheng Kung University. The EDSRC was established in August 2006 and it is the integration of five world-class laboratories in the fields of the Earth sciences, remote sensing (Department of Earth Sciences), atmospheric electricity and astronomy (Department of Physics).
Prof. Chen-Feng You has served as the Director of the research center and the EDSRC research group has been operated with more than 20 research staffs, including 8 Professors, and more than 10 Research Professors and Postdoctoral Fellows for the researches of climate change and atmospheric electricity. EDSRC continually contribute to understanding the dynamic Earth systems, including low-temperature and high-temperature geochemistry, global environmental change, ocean chemistry, global warming, petrology geochemistry, biogeochemistry, remote sensing and astronomy researches. The EDSRC will play an important role in guiding relevant researches in Taiwan toward a world-class research center.