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Department of Mathematics

Address:Department of Mathematics
Telephone:06-275-7575 # 65100 
The Department of Mathematics was established in 1956. At the time of establishment, the department did not have its own building, instead, we borrow four classrooms from the Department of Physics. Therefore, the teachers and students all dubbed themselves as a proper subset of the Department of Physics. After a dozen years, in 1969, the new administrative building of the school was established. The principal of the school, Professor Lo Yun-ping, gave the original administrative building to the Department of Mathematics. After that, the Department of Mathematics was changed from a proper subset to an independent set. In 1956, the school was restructured into National Cheng Kung University and the "Department of Mathematics" was formally established.
The goal of the department is to cultivate the talents of mathematical theory and application, and lay the foundation for the localization of science and technology.