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Education Promotion

​Our goals :
Integrate education resources in the universities (1) to promote science education, (2) to advance the spread of scientific knowledge, (3) to reduce the gap between urban and rural area, and (4) to fulfill University Social Responsibility (USR).
Our education promotion includes:
【Gifted Education】
Science Class at Tainan First Senior High School, Gifted Class at Naitonal Tainan Girls' Senior High School, Experimental Class at Laiyi Senior High School, Gifted Class in Taiwan Southern area (supported by Dept of Physics), Academic experimental exchange between Naitonal Tainan Girls' Senior High School and Tatsuno Senior High School in Japan.
【Teacher Workshop】
Workshop for New Curriculum Outline in Senior High Schools, Seeded Teacher Camp for Popular Science Week, Workshop for Inquiry- and Practice-based Courses, and Development Workshop for Compulsory Education Counseling Group of Tainan City.
【Science Popularization and Rural Education】
NCKU Fun Science, Science Fair along NCKU Science Avenue, Popular Science Week in Tainan, Fun Science in front of Temple, Astronomy Picture of the Day, Cooperations with Tainan Astronomical Education Area, Public Open Day of Cheng Kung University Observatory (CKUO), and NCKU X SPIE Student Chapter (SPIE, International Society for Optics and Photonics).
【Science Camps】
Visiting in Science Education Center, Earth Sciences Camp, Chemistry Camp, Physics Camp and Math Camp.