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The future plan is based on the principle of balancing the development of existing departments:
1. Actively promote the top interdisciplinary/college/school-level research team and establish a special field research center to become the top one in Asia.
2. Recruit international researchers and continue to strengthen the faculty of teachers.
3. Recruit outstanding postdoctoral researchers and technicians to enrich the basic research manpower.
4. Play as bridge of inter-institutional cooperation within the school and actively promote interdisciplinary cooperation projects.
5. Promote the integration of production, education and research, and cultivate high-level talents in the industry.
6. Strengthen academic cooperation with domestic and foreign companies and enhance overseas international enrollment and joint degree programs.
7. Help students to develop excellent professions, talent quality and international outlook.
8. Integrate and reform the teaching resources in the college, break the framework of the department, and establish a short-term intensive "modular curriculum" to enhance students' independent learning and thinking skills.
9. Set the Science Education Center as a teacher training center for scientific exploration and implementation, and actively promote the improvement of basic science teaching in the school. Also, we extend the teacher workshop and student education for high school students to strength the link with Tainan.
The climate for research of the college is excellent. We are mainly focus on the implementation of the plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and we also engaged in industry-university cooperation or educational cooperation research projects.
In recent years, with the help of the subsidy of the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Sprout Project, the research results of the college have been greatly improved in both quality and quantity, and the level of teaching and research has been significantly improved. On the solid foundations, we will continue to work towards excellence and globalization, so as to develop as one of the top 100 universities in the world.