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Special Courses

Professional Studies

The professional programs planned for this school include: / Span >

(1), Optoelectronics Technology Course: Main It is in response to the industry's manpower gap in the development of China's optoelectronic technology, providing timely manpower support, as well as research and development of optoelectronic technology or components, providing technology industry reference in energy conservation and carbon reduction.

(2), Materials Chemistry: Main In order to respond to the development of nanotechnology in the future, in order to implement a complete material chemistry education, students are provided with a chemistry perspective and gradually build a solid knowledge of material chemistry.

(3), Satellite Information and Earth Environment Cheng: The follow-up manpower needs of the successful operation of Fuwei No. 2 and No. 3, combined with the relevant courses of the Satellite Information Center and the Department of Earth Sciences, to cultivate professionals in the integration of satellite information and earth science, and to provide satellite and observation to China and other countries. Landform changes and meteorological information caused by the catastrophe.